Credits for cheap: Take the CLEP exam!


Staff Writer

Save time and money and make college more interesting with the CLEP exam. The CLEP exam is the College Level Examination Program that helps students receive college credit based on what they already know for a fraction of the cost of a regular college course!

CLEP is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program and was developed by the College Board. CLEP is available at more than 2,900 colleges and universities. This test helps students of all ages earn college degrees faster by getting credit for subjects that they excel in.

You may earn between 3 to 6 college credits if you score at least 50 out of a possible 80 points towards any degree for each CLEP exam you take. The exam varies by subject. Earning these credits via the CLEP exam allows you to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on tuition.

The CLEP exam is a big help for those who are a few credits shy of graduating. CLEP policies vary from college to college, so it is important that you research policies at your school. Before you take one or more of the CLEP exams, you should find out which exams your college recognizes, as well as the requirements for earning CLEP credit.

The CLEP exam is a way to spend more of your valuable time focusing on the subjects that you actually want and/or need to take.

To begin, first you need to look at your degree program to ensure that any CLEP exams you wish to take will help you fulfill your degree requirements. Assuming that it will, then you need go to the testing and tutoring center. That is where you sign up for the exam and pay the exam fee.

The college asks for a $25.00 exam fee and the College Board requires $77.00.  After you have signed up for the exam, the next step is to study! There are so many study guides available; all of them are useful in order to prepare yourself to take the CLEP exam.  On the College Board website they have the exams guides for each exam for approximately $10.00.

See CLEP Page 3


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