Job Opportunities offered at Cumberland County College

by Morgan Neilio

As many students may or not be aware, there are an abundance of job opportunities offered at CCC. In these rough economic times, many students spend a vast amount of time searching for a part-time job. Searching for a job on campus is much more convenient. Like killing two birds with one stone, campus jobs are on site and work around a student’s schedule. There are two types of employment offered at CCC. One type of employment available is institutional work; the other is work-study.  When financial aid does not cover all of a student’s tuition, a work-study program is offered to help them pay the difference. To qualify for work-study, a student must first apply when filing for their financial aid. Once a student is approved for work-study, they can obtain a list of hiring departments on campus from human resources. The student can then contact the department of her choice to schedule an interview. Under the work-study program, each student is allotted $500 per semester. This can equal up to a $1000 dollars a year to help students pay for their tuition. Institutional jobs on campus are available as full-time work or part-time work. Institutional positions can include job opportunities from local businesses that offer positions to CCC students. You can find a listing of job opportunities offered on campus by logging onto the campus website and clicking on the link, Jobs at CCC. This link will direct you to current job openings both full and part time. On this page, you will find a link on job listings offered outside of CCC; highlighted in blue at the bottom of the page, which even allows you to submit online applications.  So for those of you who are struggling to find employment and juggle school at the same time, on-campus jobs can work around your schedule. For more information about jobs offers on and off campus contact the human resources department @ ext. 240 or email Pamela Carty at .


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