Gift Giving Do’s and Don’ts

By Tasheika Scott

Staff Writer

We are slowly but shortly approaching the gift-giving season once again.  The boyfriend/girlfriend Christmas gift dilemma is one that frustrates us all. With the holidays just right around the corner, many of us are already getting overwhelmed

with gifts ideas for our loved ones.  Retailers are making it even harder for us. We are already getting sucked into the commercials, ads and even store coupons. With our minds racing and heart pumping even faster, the question is “What is the right gift to give?”

Do’s for him

Anything that involves technology is the perfect gift forhim. According to, top gifts for men this season will be video games/systems, DVD players, watches, DVD collection, cologne, ipad/iphone and cameras. Guys don’t think about what they are receiving as a gift, but to make them happy or feel appreciated, get them something they have an interest in.

Do’s for her

Most females like thoughtful gifts. They want that “special gift.” makes it easier for guys when buying girls a gift. You can’t go wrong with jewelry, love notes, designer handbags, homemade gift baskets or crafts, fragrances, books, mp3 players, spa gift cards or vacation.  Those are just a few, but the main thing to do when buying a girl a gift, is to listen and then react.

Don’ts for him

Buying a gift for a guy is like taking a college biology or calculus, it is “hard.”  The way a female thinks and what a guy actually likes are two different things. Remember what you may think is nice, lovely, cute, and pretty, he might not.  The number one rule when buying a guy a gift is to stay away from too much romance and items that he has not expressed interest in. Fluffy teddy bears are not a guy’s best friend. If you obviously think it’s super cute, 99 percent of the time, he won’t! Framed pictures of you together should not be given; unless you live together, then it’s an exception.  Anything covered in hearts and roses are a big red flag. Guys aren’t too sentimental, so buying a dozen roses is a waste of time and money.  The idea of getting clothes for a guy is very tricky.  If he hasn’t made suggestion about specific clothing he wants or likes, it’s best to stay away from clothes. At the end of the day, it’s not what you would love to see him in, it’s actually the idea of him wearing it.

Don’ts for her

Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s much harder to shop for a girl than it is to shop for a guy. Most girls are pickier than a guy, and that’s not a big secret. Girls just don’t want anything. They want that one special * one *, right over there, two spaces from the right, four rows back, with this and that on the side.

What makes it harder for some guys is the fact that girls don’t point out their special gift 20 yards away. And that’s one of the reasons why guys are sometimes left clueless and without a gift. Bath Kits, cosmetics and perfumes all seem like good ideas right? Well, they’re not. If the store your buying beauty items from don’t specialize in those products, leave it where you found it. The number one thing a girl looks for with cosmetics is name brands and original scents.

A gym membership for a guy is acceptable, but it’s never under any circumstances okay for a girl. Gyms, weight loss programs, fat burning products, scales and anything even remotely related to these will only portray one message: “I think your fat.” Jewelry is one of those gifts that can go either way. If you decide to buy jewelry, do your research first.  If she only wears stud earrings, don’t buy long dangling ones. If you’ve looked through her collection and there’s no sign of necklaces, obviously, she doesn’t wear or like them.


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