Faculty Spotlight

Associate Professor, Ms. Sharon Kewish, is being highlighted in this semester’s faculty spotlight, celebrating her 40th year of teaching at CCC. She teaches writing in the Humanities Division and has also been the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society Advisor for 35 years.

Kewish left the heartland of America at the University of Illinois for the coastal charm of southern New Jersey. CCC’s appeal was a “cozy, more personal campus.”

For 13 years, Kewish ran CCC’s Basic Skills program which was named the #1 basic skills program in the state, two years in a row, and was included among the top 30 strongest programs in the United States.

Kewish also brought the popular Images of Women literature class to CCC, believing it would be a necessary addition to the curriculum. One of Kewish’s students, Jessica Slater reflects about this class. “I had no idea the impact this class would have on my personal growth. By analyzing the mythical archetypes of women, I learned how they reinforce stereotypes in our society. I realized through Professor Kewish’s lectures that I would not allow stereotypes define who I am and that I have choices to become a strong woman and fight.”

Kewish’s classes are known to be difficult, yet, she is very helpful and understanding. Kewish always tells her students, “being prepared and organized is the hallmark to success.”

Besides being an effective and caring teacher, Kewish has helped enhance CCC so graciously. As the PTK Advisor, she enjoys the program and speaks highly of it. “They are a very good group of students. Our mission is service related which isn’t just within CCC, but also community related.”  Kewish is also the coordinator of CCC’s One Book/One College, has chaired fundraising campaigns for the Frank Guaracini Jr. Arts Center, and has secured grant funding from the American Association of Community Colleges that led to the development of the Liberal Arts-American Studies option.

Kewish shares, “my most greatest accomplishment on earth is teaching and helping students succeed on to greater things in life.”


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