Continuing Education with CCC

By Amber Parrish

Staff Writer

What are your plan’s after leaving CCC? Are you aware of CCC on-campus university partners? Well, now is the time to explore your options.

With access to a different Universities on campus, you can save time and money. If your major is offered through one of these Universities, staying at CCC should be the golden plan for you. Through these programs at the University Center, they offer a variety of degrees. CCC’s University Center offers, online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, and post baccalaureate certifications. The earlier you apply to the school of your choice the better the outcome. In order to know what the Universities have to offer, take a moment and visit the University Center or visit

Speaking with Yami Ortiz-Monralvo, university center office manager, she states, “Cumberland County College has the highest level of people attaining an Associate’s Degree and the lowest level of people attaining baccalaureate degrees or higher. It’s unfortunate to be one of the only counties in New Jersey without a four-year institution. Working with our partners creates pathways for students. Coming here is great way to receive a bachelor’s or master’s without leaving the comforts of Cumberland County College. Our goal is to get you where you need to be with a quality education and workforce ready to meet the standards of your future employer, and beyond.”

Amanda Mantshongo is the representative for Wilmington University and Dr. George F. Sharp is the representative for Richard Stockton College. They play a very important role in connecting our students to a four-year degree. These partnerships provide CCC students a way to saving time and money. Not many two-year schools offer what CCC offers. If you are thinking about attending a four-year school after graduating from CCC, check out CCC’s University Center.

Take a stroll over to CCC’s University Center to see what options are available to you. CCC partners include:

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Franklin University

Georgian University

Montclair State University

Rowan University

Richard Stockton College

Rutgers-Camden University

Wilmington University


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