Beatboxing: The Fifth Element of Hip-Hop


Staff Writer

It was lost, but now it has been found. Beatboxing, the fifth element of Hip-Hop, is back and on the rise.  Cumberland County College hosted a show on the global phenomenon which included human beatboxing.

Who would have thought that making odd noises with your mouth or the ability to sound like a robot without using technology would become an important part of the hip-hop generation?

Beat boxing was born in the ‘70s in the hard nock streets of New York. Human beatboxers actually use their mouths to imitate the rhythm of a drum. It originated from groups of people hanging out and making these wacky noises just for fun.

Human beatboxing has made an incredible explosion onto the hip-hop scene. It became a trend in the ‘90s around the time the group the Fat Boys and Doug E. Fresh were at their time. Today beatboxing has embraced the horizons of the world and competitions are held everywhere.

The beatboxing show held at CCC included the documentary “ Beat-boxing: The Fifth Element of Hip Hop.” The film gave a visual background on beatboxing and how it has evolved into DJ-ing, breakdancing, and rapping.

A performer by the name of Electro says for him beatboxing “is a way of being born with a second language that’s so diverse its kind of unexplainable.” Another performer, Yoyo Beats stated that “beatboxing is a movement of its own now because [of] how it has become a positive light to the world of Hip-Hop and Pop culture.”

This intriguing event also featured a photo contest which CCC student Marcus Wilson won. “I was very excited to win the contest and even more excited to win the grand prize.” Wilson stated.

Wilson combined his love for graffiti and beatboxing  which helped him come up with his winning masterpiece.

Beatboxing has  become a symbol of multicultural unity. The voice that was on mute for quite some time is now known as the fifth element.

Contest winner Marcus Wilson



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