Stipend Checks


Staff Writer

Fall time is here and stipend checks are also here! What are stipends, you ask? Stipends are a scholarship or fellowship allowance granted to a student, which means financial funds are available for the time period you are in school.

I know many of you CCC students have already spent your stipend checks before receiving them like paying some bills, or getting a few things for family or friends. That’s exactly what stipend checks are for.

According to Chris Rodriguez, Financial Aid Assistant Director, he stated “Stipends are to get you through a financial burden. They should give a sense of financial relief, which has accumulated through the semester.”

However, some students plan to get a new car, or use the money for down payment on an apartment. Tyrone Watts, a student at CCC, stated, “I will buy myself some new sneakers, the new I Phone, and stash the rest.” He also stated “ Stashing money for a rainy day would always help down the road.”

Stipend checks are a big advantage for students here at CCC because they’ll be able to use the money for their on purposes such as, school, bills, nd anything else like that. So students, put your money to good use!















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