Coach Boney + Women’s Basketball = Winning


Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of James O'Hagan

At the point the article was written, the team played four close games, with no wins as of yet. During his first year, Coach Boney believes the team can rally back and he has the experience in coaching basketball to prove it. Coming from Montclair University where he graduated, then returned to coach women’s basketball for three years. Then following up his experience with a two-year stint as Kean University’s women’s basketball team where he was able to mold their team into a top 5 programs in the country.

Coach Boney accepting CCC’s women’s basketball head coach was a serious choice for him. “I was around women’s basketball for a long time, eight years, I knew of the program, I knew what kind of success they had, and I knew it was a program that was well supported by the staff, the community here, so knowing that, it was a no-brainer for me,” Coach Boney reveals.

The Dukes have a goal set and that goal is to win. Coach Boney believes they can do that, and states the key is, “being able to sustain a high level of play for 40 minutes.” Boney sees the four losses as a positive. This lays the groundwork to help build his team. With eight players on the roster, it seems difficult to have all players be able to rest during game play, but with a healthy and injury free team, it is not impossible.  But, everything is a learning experience when it comes to the game of basketball, no matter if a man or woman that handles the ball. With confidence in his team he states, “We probably can out execute any team we’ve played so far, so far, just out execute, we’ve run through our stuff, we know the plays, we know where to be.” Another important aspect of the sport is practice and even a pre-season and post-season training to keep that players edge.  Boney explains, “Going forward there will be some things that I will implement.” Whether it is pre, post, or both, it seems to be an idea that if the player is serious enough, they will make the sacrifices. With his team in mind, Coach Boney understands the importance of commitment to his team and their commitment to being part of the team. Coach Boney states,  “If you’re committed to it, you better be committed to it, because, if not there’s somebody else you’re going to probably see, that is very committed to it and their going to have a upper hand on you, because they’ve been practicing and training all season for it.”  So, to be devoted and committed to your team, sport, or anything for that matter is always a step in the right direction. Even with his take on the team’s records so far, Coach Boney states, “To me wins and losses they’re important don’t get me wrong, that’s how you measure, your students, players, and their successes, but for me, it’s the process, the process that we get to it, understand why we are winning games.” The regular season ends Feb. 11, Coach Boney and his team have the right ingredients and attitude to win.



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