CCC’s Men’s Basketball Team Needs YOU


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Well, despite all the lockout worries and talks about loss of the NBA season, no to need to sweat it this season because the Dukes Men’s Basketball team is bringing home the title! But, the question is, do you know anything about the Dukes? When asked if students at Cumberland County College are educated about the team, Chaun King, a guard on the Dukes’ Basketball team says, “No, I don’t think they are, I mean certain people might, but only if they ask a player on the team or see us in our basketball gear, but without it, I feel like there really isn’t anything around school that tells people about the games.”

We need our students to support our amazing teams. The men’s basketball team trains hard and are dedicated to make our school proud! Why do they need our support you ask? Easy, it’s all about the excitement of the fans cheering during the other team’s opportunity to shoot a foul shot, our defense playing an amazing quarter, and the team feeling the love of their fans in the stands. We all remember the school spirit we had for our high school teams, and our prep rallies.

We also remember the five guys walking in with only boxers and their bodies painted in the school colors making all the people in the stands doing the wave! So, why has all this excitement stopped? Where has our school pride gone? Even though we are not a Division I team school, true passion for a team is never more apparent in smaller schools. Fans really do make a difference in going insane for their favorite team, screaming and booing the opposing team! Captain of the Dukes, Jermaine Dunkin says, “ Fans are an asset to the team, when fans are there they encourage us to play harder and win!”

CCC students are encouraged to show their school pride by supporting our Division III team. We are entering the season with an all-star coach, Arthur Horn, being assisted by Coach Michael Doughtie. The Cumberland County College Dukes are a Division III NJCAA program and members of Region XIX and the Garden State Athletic Conference. Dukes Athletics takes pride in the academic achievement of its student athletes. A system has been established to reinforce responsibility and the importance of a student athlete’s education.

The Dukes compete nationally at the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Division III and is a member of both Region XIX and the Garden State Athletic Conference. By winning the region XIX post-season tournament, the Dukes would receive an automatic berth to the NJCAA Division III National Tournament. The alumni have transferred to and played for four-year colleges and universities to continue their academic and athletic success. The Dukes Colors are Navy Blue & gold. On the team this year is Jermaine Dunkin, Leon Henry, Marc Snead, Randolph, Michael Negron, Anthony Bollers, David Hart, Hikeem Pruitt, Chaun King, Jimmy Willis, Rashaund Rasheed, and Glen Murphy. Not able to make it to a game no sweat! Just go to…and watch the game!

Ultimately, any team, good or bad, can have rowdy and die hard fans, it all depends on how devoted and passionate the students are!


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