Your love for caffeine?


Staff Writer

Amanda LaBoy

“I find myself drinking coffee while I’m in school the majority of the time. If I don’t have coffee, I tend to feel tired and lazy. I feel as if I can not function properly. Drinking coffee allows me to be more awake and pay closer attention.”

Candace Rivera

“I tend to drink coffee more when I’m about to go to work. When I don’t drink coffee, I’m not very attentive and I feel on edge. Drinking coffee has become part of my daily routine that I need in order to get through the day.”

Ashlee Chance

“Once class is over I find that I need to drink coffee before I go to work. If I don’t have coffee beforehand, I feel off-balance and tend to be more hostile at work. Drinking coffee gives me energy as well as puts me in a good mood for my shift.”

Nick DeSimone

“I drink coffee more at school because I have to wake up early. When I drink coffee, I feel overly energized, however, I don’t have to drink it unless I’m about to study or go to work.”

Tasheika Scott

“I drink coffee during school every Monday and Wednesday.  I drink about four to five cups of coffee throughout the day because I’m at school for 12 hours. If I don’t have my coffee, I tend to become delirious and tired.”


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