X-Country team runs into new head coach


Staff Writer

Athletes running in the Duke Invitational Meet on campus

While most of us are getting our day started,  the CCC Cross Country team is preparing themselves mentally and physically for the 2011 season. Michelle Hoxworth, is the team’s new head coach for men and women. She was approved for this position in July of this year. “I am thrilled to have this position,” Hoxworth stated.  Hoxworth, who was an All- American Athlete while in college now hopes to keep her team motivated by staying positive. Hoxworth also runs with her team during practices, and she varies the workouts to keep them fresh and interesting. Hoxworth’s long-term goal is to put the CCC Cross Country program on the map, by making it the premier junior college cross country program, especially for the northeast region.

The  team recently traveled to Cheyney, PA, October 14, for the Larry Simmons Invitational. Duke’s  Estevan Barreras took top honors by placing first overall in the meet with a time of 17:18. The  men’s team as a whole placed 2nd at the meet. Scoring for the Duke’s were Estevan Barreras, Chris McCray, Robert Carollo, Joe Napoli, and Rashad Williams. On the women side, the fastest runner for the Duke’s was Contessa Ketterer in a time of 23:15. This was an open meet where universities and colleges attended. The 6K cross-country course consisted of very challenging hilly terrain.

A full Cross Country Team (XCT)  consists of five runners for scoring. So far, this year’s team consists of 11 freshman and 5 sophomores. However, the XCT  is still adding athletes to its roster. Anyone is welcome to participate on the team, whether they are seasonal athletes or new runners to the sport. Cross Country is one of a few sports where one can have little or no experience and still excel by the end of the season. The workouts are well tailored to specific needs of  individuals.

The athletic program at CCC promotes academic excellence as well as athletic development, althought the basic reqirements of all athletes are simply to be a full-time student and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA. Hoxworth also stated that she is a strong supporter of the Athletic Department  Academic Monitoring System. “I feel this is a great system because it brings the focus back to academics and offers assistance to those students who need it before its too late,” Hoxworth stated in regards to the program. The academic monitoring system is a way of tracking the athlete’s performance and attendance in classes. All Athletes are encouraged to turn in their forms, which consists of their professor’s signature. Without this form, athletes are at a disadvantage to compete. The team practices Monday through Thursday at 8:30 pm and Sunday at 6 pm. If anyone is interested in joining the team, Coach Hoxworth can be reached by email at crosscountry@cccnj.edu, or extension 396 through the college.


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