Visual Arts: Events & exhibits galore By BRYAN MATIAS Staff Writer

The Fine Arts and Graphic Design programs offer many exciting events and exhibits. The Fine Arts and Graphic Design programs are part of the Arts and Humanities division at Cumberland County College. Together they form the college’s Visual Arts department.
The programs offer degrees in the field of Fine Arts, Graphic Design, and Art Education. Sarah Shapiro, Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Art, is the head of both programs.
The department hosts many exciting events including two shows a year that gives students the chance to exhibit their work: The Fall Fine Arts and Graphic Design Student Show and the Spring Fine Arts and Graphic Design Majors Exhibition. The fall show is open to all students.
The spring exhibition focuses specifically on students enrolled in an Art Major. During the Spring show each student is given their own wall to exhibit their work, and awards are given to the best pieces. All shows and exhibitions take place in the Fine and Performing Arts Building.
There are also shows featuring visiting artists. During these shows, CCC invites artists from the community to showcase their work. Last year former CCC printmaking professor, Michelle Wilson, was among a group of artists invited.
This year’s visiting artist is photographer John Mather. The theme for Mather’s exhibition will be tied to this year’s “One Book One College” program. The exhibition will showcase photographs with a similar theme to this year’s chosen book “Enrique’s Journey” by Sonia Nazario.
All students and staff have the opportunity to participate in the Art Department’s annual trip to Europe. About 30 students attended last year’s trip to Florence, Italy. This year’s trip to Rome will take place during spring break. The itinerary includes a visit to the Ancient Ruins of Pompeii, The Vatican, and other major attractions. The trip also features guided tours of The Forum Ruins and The Sistine Chapel.
Seats for the trip are still available. Family and friends are also welcome at the same rate.
Another annual event held by the Arts Department is the Holiday Card Contest. Students compete to design a holiday greeting card for the college. The first place winner will win $100 and their design will be featured on a holiday card that the college president, Dr. Thomas Isekenegbe, distributes around the world. Second place will win $50, and third place will win $25. Last year’s first place winner was Matthew Rosenfeld. All entries for this year’s contest should be submitted to Mrs. Shapiro by November 7th. Shapiro is also head of the Art Club. Students of all majors are welcome to join. Shapiro states, “Art Club is really fun, and we are definitely looking for new members to join us. Meetings are Wednesdays at 2 pm in classroom F4.”
The Art Club also hosts an annual trip. In 2010 the club visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park in New York City. This year the club will visit the Mercer Museum in New Hope, Pennsylvania.
Those interested in joining the Art Club or going on the Art Department’s trip should contact Sarah Shapiro at extension 314 or by email at


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