Ready, Set, Go Print!


Staff Writer

There’s something new at CCC this year called GoPrint and students are asking why?  Many students felt GoPrint to be unfair because of the limited amount of pages and the fact that they were involuntarily obligated to abide by this new policy.  GoPrint, the new and improved high-speed printing system created to make your lifestyle easier, is an eco-friendly solution to CCC’s printing challenges. David Stump Director of Grants and his leadership team wanted to be involved in something not only that could help CCC but also could serve to be more environmentally responsible too.

The team collaborated with the Information Technology department that was already making the move to improve printing and copying services at CCC. The team quoted, “Our primary goal — first and foremost — is to provide better, faster, more efficient, “greener” printing for Cumberland County College students.”

GoPrint was based on survey feedback from CCC students and staff as well as other South Jersey colleges. What they discovered was that none of the colleges that were surveyed were providing students with free printing services or even a preset number of free pages. In fact, they discovered almost all colleges were charging higher rates for printing services than CCC. The Pathways Team tried to provide the least expensive price structure for students, initially allocating 100 free pages per year to each student, and keeping per-page print fees very low (5 cents per page, 7 cents per duplex page) and competitive compared to service providers such as Staples. The free page allocation has now been increased to 200 pages. The Pathways Team worked hard together to determine the best number of free pages to allocate to each student due to classes requiring students to print more pages than other classes, for example, English Comp and Computer graphics vs. Biology.

Taking these concerns into consideration, the Pathways Team and College Information Technology Department decided to boost the number of free pages to 200. The three high-speed locations that have been created provide much greater printing capacity and more services (duplex printing,hole-punching, stapling), are conveniently located in high-traffic student areas such as the science computer labs and also the library which, are well equipped and configured. Instructions are clear and support is available to you.

There are some CCC students who support GoPrint such as Rockay Davis, who feels, “GoPrint is an awesome idea for CCC to be involved in because it  shows respect and responsibility towards the environment.”

Another student Rick Fentdent, states, “GoPrint is a great idea, in fact, the pricing of GoPrint should be higher.” One of the advantages of GoPrint is that the College can now track student printing much more accurately. At the end of each semester, and again at the end of the academic year, CCC will evaluate GoPrint to save money for the CCC community and to save the environment.


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