From Mr. Arthur Horn to “Coach Horn”

Coach Arthur Horn


Staff Writer

Cumberland County College Men’s Basketball team has a new coach this year. Arthur Horn will be coaching the team this year and plans to structure a strong united team. Horn is a teacher here at the school and believes that academics are a crucial part of success on the court.  There have been academic issues concerning the Men’s Basketball team for several years now.  Horn hopes to change that and hopefully strengthen a team that can last throughout the year. Since there is a criteria that the players have to uphold to stay on the team and continue on into the spring semester, academics are very crucial. Coach Horn states, “In order to build a team and have consistency the definitive key is not only to keep players on the court, but in the classroom as well.”

Being part of a team helps students retain information, and also gives them the extra incentive to do their best in their classes in order to keep their spot on the team. A player must uphold a G.P.A. no lower than a 2.0 to continue playing. Another reason  Horn is perfect for the job is because he has been playing competitively basketball  from fifth grade  through high school. He attended Cumberland Regional. He has been an assistant coach for the Bridgeton High School men’s basketball team for the last 10 years.

Currently, there are approximately 60-65 students interested in being a part of the CCC team, however, when try-outs are over, there will be a team of 15 to 18 men.  Because of challenges in academics, a team of 18 players has decreased to 8 players mid semester. Horn’s  goal is to have the same team formed in the start of the semester to remain the same at the end of the semester. Structure is very important, as he wants a highly competitive team who can support each other , as well as, encourage one another to be strong individuals on and off the court. Horn states, “Consistency was the main issue in the past and will be my main focus in the future of the Men’s Basketball team here at CCC.”

If you are interested in joining the team, you can contact Coach Horn by stopping into the EOF office in the student services center, or email, or call extension, 259. Good luck to this year’s new head coach and players. Best wishes for a strong successful season!


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