Financial considerations for college


Staff Writer

Slackers, draggers, and procrastinators! Are you aware of CCC offering payment plans for students who wait until the last-minute to get things done? Well, for the few that are not aware, CCC has partnered with Nelnet or the Chargeback Plan.

A chargeback is the return of funds to a consumer, forcibly initiated by the consumer’s issuing bank. Specifically, it is the reversal of a prior outbound transfer of funds from a consumer’s bank account, line of credit, The new chargeback policy only affects students who live outside of Cumberland County.

An initial letter was sent out in June explaining the policy. If students did not read he letter carefully, registration could be an issue. When it came time for registration, a gentlemen in the financial aid department explained that paperwork needed to be collected at Salem Community College and returned to CCC by the fourth of October, then additional money would be charged to tuition.

The new chargeback policy has made life much more difficult for people who live in Salem County, yet reside much closer to CCC. This new policy may not affect most people on campus, however, it is a stressful burden for those who are already bogged down trying to balance school, work, and family life.

All students should become aware of the ever-changing policies that continue to present themselves on this campus. So keep your chin up and your ears and eyes open and get your paperwork in before the deadlines.

Nelnet is a leading education planning and financial company that provides billing and customer service for many student loan lenders, including the Department of Education. The company also provides students with the comfort of having installments that are affordable. Paying for tuition and course fees through a pay plan company is sweet!

A CCC Bursar office staff person, Tracy Butcher, who oversees Nelnet has states, “Nelnet is a great idea for the students here on campus”. Butcher then states those students who run into a financial problem will find that Nelnet is a perfect opportunity for them. Butcher, also stated that the earlier you sign up for this program, the better the program will work for you. Butcher also shared that once you have enrolled in this program you can set up for reoccurring payments. While concluding my interview with Butcher, she stated the times for enrollment for Nelnet. If you plan to attend the spring 2012 semester, you should be enrolling into the program no later than the second week of November to have the class your inquiring about for spring. If you plan to attend the fall of 2012 your paper work should be in no later than May 2012. This will give you enough time to get your grant and loan paperwork into the appropriate CCC staff.

Now to get started with Nelnet, you first must stop by the CCC Bursar office and ask for a brochure. You must have a valid credit or debit card so that the monthly payment can be automatically deducted from your account. Also, with the convenience of the Nelnet payment plan there is a one-time enrollment fee of $25. This program is for the best interest of students to help them pay for college and not graduate with a financial burden.

Full-Time work and school


Staff Writer

After high school, the future is right at your figure tips. For most graduates and people who take a few years off, college is a top option to create that future. To get the career that they want, college is the way. But with college, there are payments, loans, and filling out FASFA forms to afford school. The majority of the time those funds don’t pay for everything. The only option is to work a full or part-time job to pay for the extra expenses. For a full-time student, you also have to have health insurance, you need a large number of textbooks for classes, food, and gas to travel to class.

With a full load of credit classes and work, time is very limited. Most students start their mornings with morning classes until the afternoon and then they are off to work. Many full-time students are here more than twice a week.

That is a big commute to and from home, including work. A full-time college Senior at Rowan University, unlike some college students that have it easy and bill-free, has a car payment, car insurance of per month, and other daily expenses such as food, gas, and essentials to pay.  Classes Monday through Thursday, with Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-8pm consist of a very long and hectic day. Five classes with a total of 15 credits can be stressful. Working as a manager 35-40 hours per week for a restaurant also creates stress. Carlo Favretto a senior at Rowan said,“I love my job, sucks but it is because I can’t always go out like everyone does on the weekends because that is the only time I can work.  To pay monthly and daily expenses, I need to work.” On campus you’ll see students coming and going. CCC student, Lauren Cubiz is one of those busy bees. “Squeezing homework in between my work and school schedule isn’t easy, but definitely is manageable,” Cubiz says. “I actually enjoy being caught up in all the movement. It’s definitely something to keep me focused on my priorities.”  The harder your willing to work and the more focused you are, the better the outcome is to obtain the degree you want.

Top 5 trends For students


Staff Writer

The time has come to bid adieu to summer trends like maxi dresses and dolmen tops and to say hello to fall trends of 2011.  The top 5 must have trends for the fall are leather, colored denim, stacked heels, Midi length skirts and dresses, and heritage jackets.

Leather is the perfect material for the fall because it’s stylish and helps to keep you warm when out in the brisk air. Although some runway collections featured full-out leather dresses, you can still be apart of the trend without going so extreme. Colored denim are fun items to have in your wardrobe because it adds personality to every outfit. Colored denim is also versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Another great trend for fall 2011 is stacked heels. The heels on these shoes look like thin pieces of wood stacked together. The stacked heel can be found on ankle boots, cowboy boots, wedges, and pumps. They come in a plethora of styles including Oxford, booties, suede, and knee highs. Stacked heels are great to wear on campus because they’re easy to walk in.

Midi length dresses and skirts are definite for the fall. Midi length means it falls just below the knee. Styles for midi lengths range from peats to a-lines to geometrical lines and pencil skirts. One of the best things about midi lengths is they flatter every body type because of their variety.

The final trend is heritage jackets. Heritage jackets come in a variety of lengths and button styles so you can  pick and choose what best suits your personality.


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