CCC Welcomes Two New Staff Members


Staff Writer

Look out for these

new addtitions:

Ms. Henderson,


James Boney,

Girls basketball coach


Welcome one, welcome all!  There seems to be new staff walking around CCC. Fresh faces such as the new biology teacher Kimberly Henderson and girls basketball coach James Boney.

This vibrant young woman makes science as simple as eating a snickers. Ms. Henderson’s journey all started at birth when she took her first breath she says; when she was being born she wasn’t breathing at all, so the doctors performed medical procedures and were able to bring her to life.  “Exact words” she says, the doctor said, “don’t be surprised if she becomes a scientist or doctor of some sort.”  Now some years later she’s a new face at CCC.  This is her first professor job, and with the economy the way it is she took hold of this new adventure. Like many of her students, she was nervous not knowing what to expect and, the fact she’s taking over someone else’s class makes it even more challenging.  However, Ms. Henderson doesn’t allow this to overwhelm her.  Ms. Henderson feels like she can teach, not just from a textbook, but putting on a stage performance or by just eating an unsalted cracker.

James Boney, the man on the court, started at Montclair and then went on to Kean University.  Coming from these two well-known universities he cherished every moment, from the good times to the bad. Coach Boney brings his knowledge from his previous coaching jobs and instills this wisdom on the girls he coaches.

He has always worked with girls, and in fact he calls it “a gift and a curse.”  Many of his players feel he is great at his job.  His team says that his way of coaching is very different from what they’re used too but he brings “swag” to the court.  Coach James Boney tells his team that he wants to maximize their productivity and fundamentals in basketball.   He shows the girls the right way by performing the play himself or working one on one with his ladies.  He believes his girls have great potential to be winners this season.  “When a hard working productive team wins, other teams copy their strategy of winning, which I plan on proving to my ladies.”


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