Students take ten-day tour of Egypt


Staff Writer

On May 6, at 4 pm Cumberland County students will find out who was voted this year’s student graduation speaker. There are three phases candidates must advance through in the process of running for the honor of giving the graduation speech. In the first phase, all students who are ready to graduate are sent a petition from Joseph Hibbs, executive director of student life and campus services. If a graduating student decides to run for speaker, they are judged by the graduation speaker committee, ran by Kelly Slade, and also includes other staff and faculty members. The applicants are evaluated based upon a rubric of points, which range from ¼ point up to three points. They are reviewed and judged based on their GPA, community service participation, as well as, club or sports involvement. If the applicant makes it to the semi-finals, they prepare a mock speech to present to the committee. When a student reads their mock-speech they are then graded upon a different rubric. The final phase is the choosing of the finalists. The number of semi-finalists determines the number of finalists. After the finalists are chosen, the graduating class is able to cast their votes. Students can view finalist’s biographies, sample speeches, and headshots on the college website and can vote online, or by pen and paper. All voting takes place infront of the college bookstore. Voting was the week of May 2-6.

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