2012 catastrophic year or another Y2K?

Staff Writer

Do you remember in 1999, when there as a virus that threatened to send the world into darkness and a wide-spread panic? Some people were so terrified they spent their entire life’s savings on building bomb-shelters stocked with food, ammunition, and supplies. There was an enormous amount of propaganda surrounding the Y2K bug.
What led mostly to the public’s expression of panic and fear was just plain lack of knowledge. Software companies were working their hardest to fix the problem and the news stands, obviously, picked up the story and ran with it in every which direction. The Y2K bug panic began in the early nineties, and became sort of a whisper down the lane; with each story having its own twist on a situation they knew barely anything about. We all know that the year 2000 has come and passed with no effects. No planes crashed, no bomb shelter’s required, and no need to fear as if your neighbor may get hungry and eat your dog.
Just because planets align does that mean absolute catastrophe for 2012? Human beings were not on the earth the last time this occurred. So how can anyone predict what, “may” happen? 
The Mayan calendar ended in 2012; however, the Mayan’s just disappeared without a trace. Doesn’t that mean that eventually their calendar would have to end? The fact they even created a calendar that dates all the way up to 2012 is extraordinary.
Unfortunately, even the brilliant people who work at NASA cannot say for sure what will happen. They stated in a report, on their website in 2010 urging people not to be afraid. Although, they do not know what affects this alignment will bring, they are assuring people that this is all just a hoax. NASA states that a magnetic reversal occurs every 400,000 years, so even they are not sure if any change will occur or even affect our way of life. NASA sums up its questionnaire by stating that there are no claims of any sort that scientifically conclude that the world will end in 2012. They also state that there are many fictional assertions being made that have people scared, and feeling threatened by a pending doomsday.
Doomsday predictions tend to occur more frequently during rough times when people are struggling. Prices for natural oil and artificial goods are at a constant rise and strange weather has many concerned.  Do these issues have anything to do with 2012 approaching, or is it because of the serious increase of holes in the earth’s ozone layer and the shifting of the Earth’s plates? 
A report in 2005 stated that the North Pole is moving towards Siberia at a rate of 25 miles a year and the shifting of plates is definitely accelerating. So, are we nearing an end, is 2012 another Y2K, or are we buying into a society so confused by conflicting media, internet gossip, and just simply not enough Intel to know better?  


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