You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

By Michael Lopergolo

Staff Writer

Auditions for the first CCC Summer Theatre Workshop revival of “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown” will be held on Monday, May 2nd in the Fine,

Performing Arts Center. Those willing to audition must sing 32 bars from a Broadway show or a song from the show, and must be pages 16 and over. Students interested in this summer theatre workshop can be taken for college credit in Theatre Dance. Six roles and ensemble will be available for casting. Call backs will be held Tuesday, May 3 at 4pm. Rehearsals will begin late June Monday through Thursday 4 – 8pm, leading up to the performances on July 29, 30, 31.

Based on the famous comic strip by cartoonist Charles M, Shultz, “You‘re A Good Man Charlie Brown” tells the story about the day in thelife of Charlie Brown. According to CCC’s website, this musical is  “a day made up of little moments picked from all the days of Charlie Brown, from Valentine’s Day to the baseball season, from wild optimism to utter despair, all mixed in with the lives of his friends (both human and non-human) and strung together on the string of a single day, from bright uncertain morning to hopeful starlit evening.”

The musical first premiered in 1967 with great critical acclaim, but would not receive its massive recognition until it was revived on Broadway in 1999. It is a fresh approach to the all-time 1967 classic. Sally Brown joins Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Schroeder and Snoopy in this version. Two new songs, Beethoven’s Day and My New Philosophy, have been added to the twelve wonderful numbers of the original version, such as My Blanket and Me, The Kite, The Baseball Game, Little Known Facts, Suppertime and Happiness. The musical won two Tony awards, was nominated for two more, and was nominated for a Grammy.

For more information please contact: Director of Theatre, Deborah Bradshaw


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