Softball puts puzzle pieces in place


Staff Writer

The Lady Dukes softball team is trying to find the missing pieces to the puzzle. ‘This team has so much potential, but no drive” says Coach Bud Blackburn.

These girls are better then what they have shown on the field. The softball team’s record is now 1 and 7. The fact that 6 games have been canceled doesn’t help them at all either.

‘’The team’s that we’re playing are not as brand new as the majority of our players. We have a team that consists of at least 15 new players who have never played softball before along with a new assistant coach to help coach Blackburn, said freshman outfielder Ryan West.

Coach James Parrish of Vineland, NJ has been added to the softball staff this year. Having said that, this new constructed team still has hope for the best remainder of this season, but that means that the girl’s will need to work a little harder and win some games.

One of the challenges that the team has faced is that one of their key players, sophomore second basemen Desiree Rivera, is out. Rivera is a huge piece of the puzzle and will be out with an injury and missed greatly.

According to pitcher Maria Goeller, who has an average of 12 strikeouts per game, “We need to just make plays”.

“We all knew that this season wasn’t going to be easy; it will require work from us all”, said catcher Courtney West.

During the game played at Middlesex, the Lady Dukes softball lost both games and the girls were still excited while losing.  The girl’s softball team walked on the field in Middlesex with dignity and left with dignity. Yes, they had a few errors, but who’s to say that every game would be perfect.

The highlight game so far was against Frederick Community College. The first game played on March 12 at Frederick Community College; CCC won 15 to 2 and in their second game they lost in overtime against Frederick Community College.

With more experience going into the next season, the team should have a better shot at improving in the future.

Freshman pitcher Kaitlyn Burlingame winds up for a pitch.


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