Baseball team focuses on fundamentals


Staff Writer

The long awaited spring baseball season is almost at its end.  The Dukes began the season in January. They practiced three times a week to prepare for the season. They have been learning new strategies and have been schooled in the art of baseball. Coach Carmelo Rodriguez has taken his training back to the fundamental basics of baseball. He has incorporated a more educational process as part of his coaching technique. “They have to learn the fundamentals of the game,” says Rodriguez.

Although the Dukes are a relatively young team, they have persevered through the season and are optimistic about the future. We did a good job and it could have been better if we would have made better choices, but that comes with experience,” says Jose Colon.

The team has one more game to play before the season is over.  To this point, they have 8-30 record.  The Dukes have goals for next season. They want to earn a higher ranking, make it to the play offs, and defeat a few of their rivals such as Gloucester, Camden, and Atlantic Cape.

In order to achieve these goals for next season, players want to have more efficient communication skills, be more disciplined, and be a bit more ambitious. “For next season, as a team, we need more self disciplined and we need to be more ambitious,” stated Jirmar Burden. The Dukes played the game they love for the 2011 spring season and are anxiously awaiting what the new season has in store.

Freshman pitcher Luis Acevedo throws a pitch.


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