Art and graphic design majors exhibition

"Where the Sidewalk Ends" By Matt Rosenfeld

"Cinco De Mayo" by Steven Kerr

Morgan Neilio

Staff Writer

Cumberland County College held its annual spring art show . The show includes Art majors, graduates, and current students. This is the major show of the year and will feature 18-19 students’ pieces of art. Sarah Shapiro is the head of the Art department and held a ceremony on Sunday, May 1st  at 5’o’ clock pm.  At this time there will be an opening ceremony with light refreshments, and awards will be given out to students based on various categories. Some awards given will include Best in show, painting, drawing, and oil on canvas. The awards ceremony is open to the public, so feel free to attend and enjoy the beauty that is art.  The artist’s work will remain up for the students and public to view for several weeks. Having seen some of the art already, I highly encourage everyone to take a gander at the creativity and hard work that these artists have developed. The pieces range from self-portraits, to oil on canvas, linoleum print, black and white still life’s, prismatic palettes, metamorphosis, and a subject of choice.


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