Commencement ceremony


Staff Writer

Students enjoying last year's graduation.


Graduation. What are you expecting on this great day of receiving the honor of achievement that has taken you two years to accomplish? Did you accomplish the goals that you set out for yourself within the two years that you were here? Did you start out on a road of hard rocks and dirt gravel? Some of us can honestly say that we all began with a plan, whether or not the plan went as intended. However, the end of your road is near. What do you need to do to make this day happen?

After speaking with Mr. Hibbs, CCC Executive Director of student life and campus services, his main concern for students planning to graduate is to have your graduation petition in by March 1. Unfortunately that deadline has come and gone.

“Late petitioners are not guaranteed a position in commencement,” said Hibbs.

The petition process usually takes up to a few weeks to review according to Hibbs. All students should have their application fee of  50 dollars ready and in hand when the petition application is submitted. Commencement will be held Thursday, May 19 for all students completing degree requirements between Sept. 1, 2010 and August 31 of this year. Eligible students will receive information regarding commencement and cap and gown by mid April. The grad petition fee does not cover cap and gown cost.

As the students prepare for this year’s graduation ceremony, the question will arise as to who will be your student speaker. A student speaker is a representative from the class who will speak on your behalf. While speaking with Mr. Hibbs on this great topic of selecting a student speaker, at this point in time the election has not taken place as of yet. However; if you’re planning to graduate this spring and you would like to speak on the behalf of your class, get prepared. Letters to the graduates usually go out around the week after the March 8. The candidate for the graduation student speaker needs to submit their application by March 31 to the Student life office.



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