Battle of the social networks


Staff Writer

Facebook. Twitter. Both are social networking websites, but which one is found more favorable?

Facebook allows one to view fellow facebooker’s statuses, which usually highlight what people are doing. Common posts are  favorite quotes, songs, photos, or videos. On Facebook, you’re able to comment on each other’s pages, pictures, and status’s. When you enter someone’s Facebook page you are able to view their race,  high school or college they attend, religious views, political views, favorite music, athletes, movies, interest, gender, and relationship status. You can also send messages to a mass amount of people. You can create events where you can select people on Facebook to invite, where they can respond whether they are attending, not attending, or maybe attending. Similar to AIM, Facebook has instant messenger. With this, you can instant message someone who is on Facebook and chat without anyone else being able to view it. Facebook and Twitter both  have features where you can “check in” somewhere, telling friends where you are located at that particular time.

Twitter is also a social networking site. It allows one to send and read messages or “statuses” called “Tweets”. Twitter describes their site as getting, “Easy, free, and instant updates.  Get access to the information that interests you most.” Twitter has “followers” rather than “friends”. Twitter is publically visible, but you can restrict people other then your followers from viewing your posts. On Twitter one is able to “follow” friends and celebrities.  Although Twitter is a popular site, Facebook was found more favorable amongst students here at Cumberland County College.

When asked about TwitterCCC student Qwame Delvalle said, “It is confusing and has nothing on Facebook.”

Many students at CCC have never even been on Twitter.

Student at CCC Jocelyn Bluitt said, “ I don’t know what Twitter is.” Student Stevan Austino stated that he has never even used Twitter before.

Another student, Jamie Wettstein said, “If you want to stalk celebrities and see what they’re doing every five minutes then twitter is the way to go. I don’t care about celebrities so I’d rather go on Facebook.”

When asked about Facebook vs. Twitter Danielle Sergiacomi said, “I think Facebook is nosey, but I couldn’t live without it! Facebook helps people keep in touch, which is great, but then again most people just use it to snoop on other people’s lives. I still like it though. I don’t use Twitter and a really don’t know much about it. I think it’s people putting up status’s that are unnecessary and stupid. If you want to tell people what your doing put it on Facebook because more people have it and care about it.


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