The importance of student jobs


Chanelle Williams uses her job on campus to help balance her hectic schedule.




Staff Writer

Many students are balancing school, kids, family and work  at the same time. Student jobs are what help students survive. While financial aid helps pay for school, students spend most of their out-of-class time at work making money for everyday expenses. Many CCC students work as servers and hosts at different restaurants. Other jobs consist of grocery stores, daycares, nursing homes, and clothing stores. Several students work at businesses their parents own and some run their own businesses. “I don’t know what I’d do without my business. Expenses are outrageous these days. With school and everyday life, my own business provides me with the finances I need to survive“, said CCC student Doug Bowman.

CCC offers jobs on campus for students. Jobs are available in the bookstore, library, computer labs, and division offices.

Chanelle Williams, a student at CCC, heard about student jobs by word of mouth. “I went to the administration building and they gave me a list of the jobs available on campus. Most of them were already taken, but an assistant position in the Arts and Humanities division was open. I called Jackie Whilden and set up an interview and she hired me on the spot.” William’s job is convenient for her schedule. She attends her job until she has to go to class. Student jobs pay minimum wage, and don’t exceed 12 hours a week. Williams said that her school and work schedule fit well during her first two semesters, but now with her second job her schedule is tight.

On campus jobs can be found on the jobs link on the CCC homepage under community-careers @ CCC. Work-study jobs are also available by visiting the Human Resources department.

Off campus jobs can be found on job sites (, You can also walk in to businesses and ask for an application.




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