The budget: how it affects your tuition


Staff Writer

The budget is an essential part of CCC. It helps administration know if areas can be expanded or if they need to be decreased.

Budget planning is a year-round process. The college waits until July for the state budget approval in order to know how much money they receive from the state.

The college was funded under the assumption that revenue would come from three places: the state, the county, and tuition/fees. Each source would provide one-third of the money.

“By statute, the State is required to provide county colleges with funding equal to 43% to 50% of operating expenses of the base year. By  statute, the County is required to provide funding of at least 25% of operating expenses of the base year,” said John Pitcher, the Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services.

The state has not been meeting their requirements. The students have had to pay the difference through their tuition. The increase in tuition over the last 4 years has had a direct correlation with the decrease in funding by the state of New Jersey.

Tuition and most fees are measured on a per credit hour basis. Currently, student tuition, minus fees, is $99 per credit hour. The state average is $101.15. Until the state or county are able to increase their aid, tuition will rise. The college is anticipating a 10% decrease in state aid and a $5 increase in tuition per credit hour for 2011-2012.

If the state paid the full 33% that it is supposed to, tuition would drop to $56 per credit hour.


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