School’s in for summer


Staff Writer

Everyone loves summertime. There’s great weather and it’s a great time to relax and get away from the grind of school. But to be honest, students are given more than enough time off for summer vacation. With more than three months of free time, CCC offers plenty of summer classes for students to take advantage of.

Students can choose from a large selection of summer classes, broken up into three different sessions spanning from June to August. CCC offers many of the same courses and professors that they normally do during the spring and fall semesters. The Summer I classes run from May 23 to June 27. Summer II classes run from June 20 to Aug. 15.  Summer III offers classes from July 5 to Aug. 15. Taking summer classes can be very beneficial to those who are trying to graduate as soon as possible, or for those who simply have nothing better to do in the summer and want to be productive. Holly Preston, a paralegal major at CCC, took a summer class to avoid a heavy workload the next semester.

“I loved it! It was very interactive and there weren’t that many people in my class. My professor taught only the one class so she didn’t have other students to worry about.”

To sign up, students can go to the enrollment office to speak with an advisor or register online. Course schedules are released in April around the same time as Advisement day. Unfortunately, summer classes can’t be paid for using financial aid. There are other options however. Instead of paying for the classes you would like to take all at once, you can make small payments over time leading up to the classes. The earlier you sign up, the better.

“The fact that you don’t have to take a fifteen week long course and get done in six weeks is great. You’re learning the same material, just at a faster pace.” Preston went on to say, “ I don’t need to, but if I had to take more summer classes I definitely would.”

If you want to be more productive this summer, CCC summer classes are the way to go. Make the choice to sacrifice some of your precious summer vacation because it will be worth it to spend extra time on campus to further your education.


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