Winter Track…..Canceled?


Staff Writer

“Some of the rules in

regards to what makes

a team eligible to go to

district or national cham-

pionships have changed.”

Winter track will not be held this year. New coach Jason Kilderry, cannot comment on the reason for these changes until after a meeting with the athletic directors. No reason for the cancelation of winter track was provided.When asked, Mr. Kilderry said, “I want to focus on the spring events for now.”  Recently the track club has been prompted to change its structure by the NJCAA. “Some of the rules in regards to what makes a team eligible to go to district or national championships have changed,” said former track coach Jim Marketto. The club must decide if they are going to stay listed as a club or if they will become registered as a team. “If you declare as a team, you must meet all the eligibility requirements established for any team in any sport. If you declare as a club team, the eligibility requirements do not apply. The only requirement for club team participation is that you be enrolled at the school,” said Marketto. As a team, members will be able to participate in all tournaments. Part-time team members will be able to compete at local meets but can’t compete in district or national events. “This decision will be a tough one to make,” said Marketto. Teams have to meet the standards of the NJCAA. Clubs have much more flexibility and less is required of participating students. If the track club decides to remain a club there will be much less regulation on who can participate, but it will also keep them from competing at a district or national level. As a club they will still be able to apply for SAC funding and let the part time runners participate. So far in 2010, the track club set a program best in over all new records. The club ushered in four indoor school records and ten outdoor records while sending seven competitors to the national championships. Jamal Boozer of Vineland placed 3rd in the men’s 400m dash at nationals. Kaitlynn Arena, also of Vineland, placed 4th in the women’s pole vault. If the club wants to continue to compete at this level some changes have to happen. Will our track team continue to compete at a national level or will they keep it simple and let all existing members participate? We’ll have to wait and see what the new coach has in store for them.


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