Region 19 increases penalties!!


Staff Writer

“I think we have two of the

best soccer coaches in the re-

gion. It’s been a tough year for

one. It was the right step by

changing the rules. We have to

work together at all levels”

In October, the Region 19 Executive Committee decided to increase the penalties for all card sanctions. These new sanctions are for all divisions, both men and women. All Region 19 soccer programs received an email stating that the reason for the change was “in order to assist in curtailing the poor behavior and unsportsmanlike behavior in soccer.” All card suspensions were doubled as followed: Five yellow card accumulations is now a two game suspension, a red card (by receiving two yellows) is now a two game suspension, a red card for fighting, violent conduct, serious foul, and direct red is now a four game suspension. As for the Region 19 tournaments, if a team qualified and has less than twenty total team yellow cards and no reds, they will receive three seeding points towards their seed. These three points are equal to a win, so it may advance the seeding. Region 19 also asked that all athletic directors review weekly card reports prior to sending the reports in. Many unsportsmanlike conduct incidents have occurred during this season. One major incident, being the final cause of the rule changes was a fight during a men’s soccer game against Brookdale. Halfway into the season there had been over 100 cards, with 8-9 of them being violent red cards given out throughout Region 19 teams. The rule changes are to put an end to unsportsmanlike conduct and make the players calm down. They seem to have been working. Coaches have seen a change in the players, and a drop in cards. Assistant director Robert Amundson thinks that pre-season meetings for head coaches will help the coaches be more educated with new rules,regulations, and anything new that coaches should be aware of for the upcoming season. Because the officials seem to be more reactive the proactive CCC is thinking about changing the assigners for officials. This way the teams may be able to get better refs. More education for the coaches is needed so that they know more about the rules and regulations which will make the teams and games work out more smoothly. Calming down the game is a group effort from players, coaches, athletic department and the officials, who have a huge impact. CCC is hoping to influence the Region 19 committee, where student athletes will meet with other student athletes from other schools. This way, the students become more educated as well, and maybe get to know each other better and be able to get along more while playing against each other on the field.  The Basketball pre-season meeting was held here at CCC, and they are looking into the same new rules for this season due to two fights that occurred two weeks into the season.“I think we have two of the best soccer coaches in the region. It’s been a tough year for a first year program for everyone. It was the right step by changing the rules. We have to work together at all levels”, said assistant director Robert Amundson.


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