Softball warms up for spring



2010/11 Dukes softball team



For CCC’s softball team, the season ended back on April 23, but that doesn’t mean that the girls haven’t been working hard in the offseason. They know that it isn’t going to be easy and hard work will be a key to their success, when the season begins on March 8 at Del Tech-Stanton.

In order to keep conditioned, the players have to workout frequently throughout the offseason. Sophomore second basemen/ shortstop, Desiree Rivera said, “In the fall we had scrimmages and right now we’re starting to field ground balls in the gym.”

According to Outfielder/ second basemen, Courtney Rafine, to keep conditioned the team is starting to run for 15 to 20 minutes a few days a week, and are doing different workouts in the Physical Fitness Center. As the beginning of the season grows closer, the team’s workouts will gradually become more intense.

One challenge the team will face this year is its lack of experience. This year, 25 freshmen are joining the team with only six returning sophomores.

Having played a full year for CCC, the sophomore girls are now leaders on the team and will have to use their experience to help guide the large amount of freshman players.                                     However, the challenge should be taken well by Bud Blackburn, who was named head coach in the 2004-05 season.

Coach Blackburn is well respected and spoken highly of by his players.

Sophomore catcher Courtney West said, “He knows what our players are capable of and he pushes us to do more.

When players are giving it 100 percent, he wants us to give 115 percent.”

One of the Softball team’s biggest rivals are Gloucester County College because they are so geographically close, being only a short drive up Route 55.

The team was also knocked out of the playoffs by Brookdale County College last year and the girls all agreed that they want another shot at them.

The way that the girls laugh and feed off of each other’s energy make it seem obvious that they have formed a strong bond with each other.

With hard work and determination, the 2010-11 softball team hopes to have another strong season.


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