Mens soccer succeeds in first season


Dukes midfielder/forward Dominick Crowell


Staff writer

This fall semester, Cumberland County College brought back the mens soccer team.

The team was placed 19th in the nation during first season, with coach  Christopher Myrick by their side.

They practiced over the summer and through the fall, while playing games against other college soccer teams.

At the beginning of the semester, players were hesitant about how much progress they would make. Some of the players were unhappy playing side by side with one another because they were actually rivals throughout their high school careers.

The situation was so bad that some of the players actually fought during the first few practices. After practicing and playing along side one another, the players began to bond and work more closely together as a team.

Team captain Josh DiDonato said, “It all came together through the season. We started out bad and ended well. We’re good friends and everyone hangs out now.”

The more the team worked as a whole, the more successful it became on the field.

The team had several goals at the beginning of the season to fulfill.

Freshman Stevan Austino said, “Our goals were to become a team, beat the best teams, play every game to the best of our ability and win the region 19 title.


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