Student Transitions

By Cameron Meiswinkel

Staff Writer

Transitioning from high school to college is often a daunting task for many traditional students. The classes are more demanding, and having more free time is usually a difficult thing for students to handle. Students must adjust to new teachers, new classmates, and a new environment.

“A lot more is expected of them”, said James Cowles, a counselor and professor here at CCC. “College is being an adult”.

To help ease the transition, the college has assigned each student an advisor. Advisors are available to help students pick their classes and get ready for the college


Also, every student is required to attend a freshman seminar course to teach them goal setting and to get acclimated, according to Cowles. These courses are designed to help students have success in college by teaching them how to take notes, manage time, and study effectively at a college level.

Most students have a difficult time transitioning, but not all. In fact, some students welcome the change with open arms.

“Coming to CCC was nice because I chose my hours when I wanted, and I chose the classes I wanted. So I could set it up to make the experience the most enjoyable, which is what I did”, said Matthew Hunter, a music major. “The college had plenty of classes to choose from at plenty of times, making it easy to conform to my schedule outside of school”.

The college has many clubs and activities for students to get involved with. There are academic clubs, like art, business, drama, and nursing. There are also athletic clubs, like tennis, track, and fencing. There are even student interest clubs, such as Amnesty International Club, Faith Fellowship Club, and Multicultural Club.

In addition to the various clubs that CCC has to offer, students can get involved in athletics as well. The college offers a variety of sports for both men and women.  Men and Women can play basketball and soccer, along with baseball and softball. Cross country is also offered as a co-ed sport.

Anyone interested in student government can become part of the Student Senate. Student Senate serves as a direct link from the students to the administration, and is open to any student with good grades and good conduct. Lastly, there is the Student Pathways Leadership Institute, which allows students to develop their leadership skills.

According to Cowles, the more you become involved outside of class, the more you come to class.

There are certainly plenty of opportunities to do just that.


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