Student Advisement: New Updates Create New Opportunities for Cumberland County Students!

By: Cameron Meiswinkel

Staff Writer

Cumberland County College has just opened the Center for Academic and Student Success, which will help guide students towards a career that is right for them.

The center which is also known as CASS, is part of the college’s efforts to help make career and advisement services more accessible for students..

“A lot of focus now is on giving students as many services as possible,” said Rita Rios, the student development advisor. Rita is an exceptional advisor, who specializes on at risk students, ensuring every student has a fair chance to succeed.

Rita holds one of four positions that are part of the career center. Steven Stolar is the director of Advisement, Transfer, and C

reer Services. Jan Hanselman is the Return to Learn and Earn Specialist, which is a position that helps students return to school. Jamie Connolly is the Workforce Specialist, and she helps people who are unemployed become retrained.

Not only is the center new, but the process is new as well. Under the old model, students used  walk- in advisement. Now, students are assigned an advisor that is in their department. These advisors help the student with anything from scheduling their classes, to applying to new colleges. If an advisor is a teacher as well, the students that they advise are sometimes placed in their class to ensure more opportunities for guidance.

Another tool for advisement is the freshman seminar class. These classes are designed to help students adjust to the college lifestyle, and become more confident in their study habits, social skills, and environment. According to Rios, the freshman seminar course is one of the main forms of student development.

There is also a career inventory program called Siggy 3. It is a program in which students take a series of surveys that help guide them into choosing a career that best matches the type of environment, in which they would enjoy working in.

Also, the career center holds workshops and job searches for students, and has a career panel come into the college. This panel consists of people from different industries that speak to students about their careers.

The new additions that were made in the student advisement program,  make life for the students here at Cumberland County College much easier. Make sure not to let these opportunities for help pass you by, if you need them!



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