“Pants on the Ground” here on campus



Staff Writer


Campus Etiquette

Is it really necessary for college stu-

dents to be reminded of the proper

way to conduct themselves in class

and on campus?    Do we

really need to be reminded of what

appropriate attire for class is?

These are just the tip of

the iceberg when it comes to the

list of complaints from

fellow students and


There are some stu-

dents who do not see

anything wrong with

jeans falling off of their

behinds, or wearing clothing that is

too revealing.  College is meant to

prepare students for the workplace;

where good manners and a polished

appearance can go far.


student’s appearance is only half

the battle; the way some students

conduct themselves in class is the

other half.

On campus there is a

growing concern about classes

being interrupted by students who

are loud and rude.

CCC has an open door

policy where any student who

needs to take a phone call, or use

the bathroom or whatever it may

be; can excuse themselves in a quiet

manner and exit the class.

Texting while in the class-

room is not allowed.

Many instructors explain in their

syllabus what

is permitted in

their class, and

what is not.

Instructors are

here for the

benefit of the

students and

their rules should be respected.

“One thing that I really hate, is

when the teacher is speaking and

students carry on private conversa-

tions making it hard to hear,” says

Jadira Carlo.

Students who disrupt class is a

problem; but how can it be solved?

“ I just think instructors need to

take control of their class, because

if a student is being disruptive, they

should be asked to leave,” says Chris

McCoy, a fellow student.

Na’asia Pendleton is also a student

here at CCC and her view is that,

”I can wear whatever I want to

wear as long as I am covered.  I love

my individuality, and I express it

through my clothing.”



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