Musicians with ties to CCC


Student Musician Tyler Romanishin



Staff Writer

Musicians all share something in common. No matter what style of music they are interested in, they are passionate about playing the music that they love. But like any other pursuit in life, getting to play only what you want to when you want to is often interrupted by the reality of, well, everything else you need to be doing.

There are musicians on our campus that can relate. Rigid, structured, disciplined study and practice by day, and letting go with heart and soul by night. I’m talking about the stuff there’s no syllabus for variations of metal, rock, ethnic, gospel, hip-hop, rap. Stuff from deep inside and off the cuff. My search for musicians with campus links led me to a diverse sampling of people serious about rocking and rolling after hours. Cumberland County College is a melting pot-a fusion of styles and sounds.

Damon Leake, a.k.a. Damon Downs, is interested in what he describes as gospel hip-hop, gospel contemporary, and experimental styles of music. His music is made through the computer. Damon tells me, “I produce and put together demo packages for gospel artists. All of my tracks are available for non-exclusive rights.”  To sample what Damon does head on over to or To purchase a track or tracks from Damon contact him directly at    Tyler Romanishin plays guitar for two bands .He has been playing for five years and loves it. The first band he plays in is called Wish Me Well. They are based in Millville, N.J. Wish Me Well describes themselves as hardcore/metal. They currently have six members in the band. Have a listen at

Tyler’s second band is called Sedica Render, also based in Millville N.J. Just four players strong, they classify themselves as simply rock. They have a different sound than Tyler’s other band so this gives him a chance to vary his playing. Tyler can be heard rockin’ out with Sedica Render at

Besides these two guys who are actively involved in playing out, I know there are plenty more players on campus that are either in between bands or that just haven’t yet put themselves out there.                Alejandro, for example, is currently working on his marketing materials for his Mexican band. They plan to play cultural music at gigs like weddings, and parties on weekends. He will be advertising when everything is in place so keep an eye for his information.

Where exactly do campus musicians play when they play out? There aren’t too many clubs left in the immediate area for groups to showcase their talents, but one popular hangout is Hangar 84 in Vineland. That particular venue hosts all ages which gives the younger talent a chance to shine as well. Besides clubs, parties and outdoor events are always a favorite. For college musicians looking to connect with other college musicians the website may be worth a look in the near future.




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