Health Insurance At Cumberland County College is Changing to ONline Registration


Staff Writer

Many Cumberland County College students feel that the mandatory insurance policy is unnecessary and a waste of money, while others feel it is an important college requirement.

“Having health insurance should be our choice. It shouldn’t be forced upon us. Most students that are in college don’t have much money to begin with.  This just adds to the lack of funds in college students’ pockets.” says Ryan Bartley, a CCC student.

In colleges all across the state of New Jersey full time students who are enrolled in twelve credit courses or more are required to have health insurance.

Every fall semester CCC students have to sign up for insurance if they do not have their own personal insurance. Cumberland County College uses the Bollinger insurance program. The cost of the insurance is $100.00 for an entire school year from September to August. The insurance covers medical expenses, such as accidental injury and sickness.

As of the 2010 fall semester the college has changed its waiver filling method. The college has gone digital.  If an individual has his or her own personal insurance, he or she has to log on to the college’s website and file a waiver with all of their personal health insurance information. The waivers use to be available in the Bursar’s office but, as of September of 2010 the college changed its waiver filing method.

“I believe our system has improved the filing process from last year. Now we have online confirmation numbers for students, unlike before when students had to write out cards.” says Sherri Welch director of student accounts.


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