Cumberland County College Now Offering Two Winter Semesters!


Staff writer

Cumberland County College offers an extensive outreach for classes each semester. The college is now offering two winter sessions which are only a month and about two weeks long. The courses are selected by the heads of the three major academic departments which are; The Arts, Business and Education departments. The courses are chosen and approved by Cumberland County College’s Vice President and department deans.

Winter courses are offered between the fall and spring semester break. The first session begins on December 13th and ends on January 14th. All classes are offered online for this first session.

The second session begins on January 3rd and ends on January 14th. All second session courses are on campus but one. Medical terminology is offered as an online course.

Students can choose from a smaller course schedule than in the fall or spring semesters. The classes are set up to be completed in less amount of time than a normal semester which is typically about three and a half months long. Therefore, students have more work to do in a smaller period of time.

Some students however, would feel overwhelmed taking classes during their original down time. “I would be nervous to take several winter courses. I think one would be more than enough with work and school because they are so tedious and short.” says Maria Vargas Cumberland County Student.

Many students take advantage of the courses offered during the winter sessions. “There are more people enrolling each winter semester.” says Steven Stolar in the enrollment office.

More and more CCC students are signing up for winter classes. A lot of students are taking advantage of the time in between semesters, in order to complete more courses.

When I spoke with Mr. Stolar his thoughts went hand in hand with the majority of the students; “I like the winter courses because they are short and online” said Jaime Sedeyns CCC nursing student.


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