How important is good nutrition and fitness?


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Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away?

We all know CCC students have hectic busy schedules, but it’s important to maintain nutrition and fitness.

According to Princeton University’s Health Services, physical fitness can increase your concentration, stamina, energy, and mental well being. This may help your study habits, and could also lower your stress levels.

“After my 6AM runs I feel really healthy and energized for the rest of the day”, said Student and soccer player Jennifer Ohara. Eating healthy, such as a balanced breakfast, provides energy throughout the day. It also prevents headaches, fatigue, and dizziness, due to lack of eating. Ohara continued, saying “I usually eat pasta before games and practices for carbs, along with apples and other fruits. If I eat something unhealthy I feel drained, but if I eat well I feel I perform better both on the field and in the classroom.”

Good nutrition and fitness benefit an athlete’s performance. “Eating well and maintaining a healthy fitness level absolutely affects an athlete’s abilities on the court/field etc. Especially late in the game, when teams are evenly matched, it’s always the team that’s better conditioned and able to keep going that will pull through.”

“Quite a few professional sports teams have recently changed team menus and have seen positive results”, said Sports Trainer Kaitlin Caviston. Students tend to stock up on coffee and Monster before class to stay awake and focused. If trying to get energized, Caviston suggested that fruit and pasta are always better than any energy drink. “Energy drinks provide a burst of energy followed by a quick drop in sugar levels, leaving athletes feeling sluggish and tired. Fruit provides simple sugars that take your body awhile to break down, giving you more energy for a longer period of time, with no fast drop like an energy drink”, said Caviston.

From a student’s point of view, good nutrition and fitness help keep them focused in class. “I always make sure I eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. I do simple stretches and a few exercises when I wake up after I eat. This makes me feel awake and full of energy. I am not hungry and I feel fit. It always helps me focus more in my classes”, said CCC student Mallorie Ferrigno.

Balanced diets, healthy foods, stretching, and running are all good ways to stay fit. Being fit boosts confidence and makes people feel better about themselves.Nutrition and fitness are important and affect daily performance significantly.

Even if you are not an athelete, having good nutritional and fitness habits are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, eating right, and getting a goodnight’s sleep are all things that can improve your overall fitness and health. Staying focused in school is something that pertains to students and athletes alike, and practicing these habits are a great way to obtain your academic and athletic goals.



2 thoughts on “How important is good nutrition and fitness?

  1. Great article. For athletes nutrition is imperitive, and I also really liked the quote about how the interviewee felt healthy and good for the whole day after an early workout. That is a scientific fact, and it really does feel great.

    Great post!

    For more innovative workouts submit a request to “The Anywhere Challenge” at

    -The Other Guy

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