Slackers or not being challenged?


Staff Writer

When coming to class early a student has a few options. You can study, type that last text message, check your Facebook, or just chit chat with other students. Some of us have a quick snack from the vending machine, make a last minute run to the bathroom, or just sink into a good book. It is a time to settle in and get ready. Unfortunately there always seems to be one student who is miserable and uses this free time to share their feelings with anyone who will listen. They don’t care for the instructor, they didn’t do the homework, they hate the class, etc. If you are that student in your classes, then this article is directed to you. You should know and understand that your opinion of the instructor, class work, course, etc. is not the only opinion in the class. Many of us actually enjoy the subject matter and are excited about learning everything we can from that instructor you so adamantly despise. While it is true that some Professors may be better teachers than others, they are all to be respected equally. They are far more educated and accomplished. They have arrived, we have not. Many of you negative students let your blatant disrespect bleed over during the class. You have your feet up, you’re on your laptop, you’re dozing off, or you’re playing with your cell phone. What you do not realize is that we are no longer in high school, and nobody thinks you are cool. My question to you is; if your classes are such a complete waste of your time, then why are you here? The rest of us want to learn and your negativity just makes you look like a slacker. So please, if you hate your class drop it, and if you can’t drop it just try to keep your opinions to yourself. Your classes are what you make them. If you can recognize that you actually may learn something valuable in that class you hate or are not very good at, you will start to appreciate it more. These courses offer us the world, and we should be making every effort to absorb as much as we can while we are here.


One thought on “Slackers or not being challenged?

  1. Interesting, It seems predefined schedules and intervals are not extreme for youth of today, let me illustrate a ‘daily schedule’; School 8-4 , Break, Work 5-11, Sleep, Repeat.

    If you stress to understand the the nature of ‘the slacker’ you must understand that these prolifically tedious cyclical routines are not for ‘everyone’. The slacker needs to be challenged, and put into exciting situational changes, without threat of ‘loss’ or ‘error’; An extremely experimental adaptive lifestyle that suits his or her tastes for anything but an ‘ordinary’ lifestyle.

    While some slackers may or may not be acting accordingly for ‘attention’ or to seem ‘cool’, deep down inside they really just want some one to notice that they are struggling and give them a hand, and while it may be a inconvenience to you, these are people with feelings just like you and me.

    Our efforts would be best spent trying to understand and/or get these people help, because my friends, this is the ‘cry of the slacker’ , help your slacker understand their conditions and seek treatment and you have helped society move one step forward to a solution to solve our frustrations…

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