More transportation “around” Campus


Staff Writer

I love Cumberland County College’s campus. It has sprawling green grass, and huge trees that are the homes of Hawks as well as many other animals. We have lots of scenery that is captivating and inspiring if you sit outdoors on a bench and observe it or; it can be relaxing. Thank goodness there are those benches there for your convenience, because if you are like me and have classes in different buildings you will need one of those benches to sit on and catch your breath in between classes.
I never thought about how far away my classes were from the parking lot until I actually got on campus. It didn’t dawn on me that the distance from the parking lot was only the beginning of my troubles. Also, walking from building to building can be a workout! I mean it is one thing to walk, but walking with a book bag filled with heavy books is another thing. There has to be an easier way to get from point A to point B. Yes I could go and buy a book bag that has wheels on it, but really…I don’t like the look of that. Or I could just drive from parking lot to parking lot in search of a space to park and then walk to the building where my class is held, but there has to be a better way. I have decided that the college needs to invest in trollies or something of the sort to help transport students from one building to the other. The security staff has the right idea with their carts. Why can’t students have one too?


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