Middle States: An update to the accreditation of CCC

Staff Writer
Due to the upcoming Middle States inspection expected to take place sometime next year, faculty, staff and students have undergone an intensive, internal look at the criteria to maintain the current status of accreditation.
Accreditation is the educational communities way of self- regulation through quality assurance and improvement. The Commission’s Requirement of Affiliation stipulate that accredited institutions comply with all applicable Federal, state and other relevant government policies, regulations, and requirements, which usually include requirements and expectations for degrees and credits.
According to the Middle States Criteria webpage, the Accrediting process is intended to strengthen and sustain the quality and integrity of higher education, making it worthy of public confidence.
Cumberland County College has successfully undergone similar inspections in the past and expects to do the same next year. Dr Isekenegbe, President of Cumberland County College, is very optimistic about the upcoming inspections. Dr Isekenegbe stated, “we are a good institution and at the end of the day our site visitors will agree, we are a good institution.”
Because accreditation is a continuous process, not an end result of a self-study or Periodic Report Review, an institutions responsibility to participate in the accreditation process and to improve persists throughout the ten year accreditation process cycle.
According to the Middle States Criteria website, Federal and state laws require institutions to meet federal and government laws and regulations in order to be eligible to participate in “Title IV” and other student assistance programs. They may also be required to meet certain state or local requirements to be licensed or be able to operate as institute of higher education.
Every ten years an institution which seeks to maintain current accreditation must be reaccredited. Periodic reviews take place every five years.
Failure to comply with regulations and standards in accordance with stipulations regarding the middle states commission could result in the denial of financial aid for students, students will not be able to earn degrees or credits that can be transferred to other colleges. The credits they earn here will be worthless.
The Middle States visits and the official accreditation will help CCC continue to function as an accredited, educational institution.


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