Vending machines good or bad?


Staff Writer

Cancerous oils and additives can be found in all of CCC’s vending machines and in our cafeteria. Every time you put a dollar in a vending machine with the intention of buying a food containing partially hydrogenated oils you support the American obesity and cancer epidemic. The only way to stop the food industry from killing us is to hit them where it hurts, right in the pocket. We, not only as a student body, but also as a human race need to put an end to the capitalist agenda that allows us to unknowingly consume carcinogens on a daily basis. In the 1970’s food manufacturers discovered a new way of processing vegetable oils that would increase the amount of times the oils could be used in commercial fryers before having to discard them. This process is called hydrogenation. They also found that these oils were much cheaper than all of the other alternatives and could be used for baking as well. It just so happens that the 1970’s also marked the beginning of the American obesity epidemic, and little did we know a spike in cancer and heart disease rates. How do these oils make you fat and cause cancer? You ask. Well, I’m no scientist but reviewing the information that the fda and other independent groups such as have made available online I’ve found that when you eat a food containing partially hydrogenated oils or trans fats the fats are dispersed throughout your cells where they assemble along your cell walls blocking out any essential fats (ex. poly & mono-unsaturated fats). Since your essential fats now have no where to go, your body has to produce more cells to house these fats, thus increasing your mass unnecessarily. When you eat more trans fats later on, those new cells that were produced in the last step become inaccessible to your essential fats and once again you produce more cells to house the essential fats. The process continues exponentially until you are obese and at serious risk of heart disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and more. You may think, well if I only eat trans fats I could avoid having to produce more cells for the essential fats to be stored in. yes, this is true but they are called essential fats for a reason. These fats defend each individual cell from potential threats, as where trans fats let anything in that wants in, thus increasing your chances of catching any thing that can harm you. Fats are needed for nearly every process in your body including brain function, so be smart and read your ingredients before ingesting what you think might be safe.


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