What’s on your bucket list?

By Ashley Sedeyn

Staff Writer

In mid January, MTV premiered a new show called “ The Buried Life.” The show is based on four young guys who realized they weren’t doing anything fulfilling with their lives. They decide to make a list of one hundred things they want to do before they die. Some of the things on this list include: attending a party at the playboy mansion, asking out the girl of their dreams, and competing in a krumping competition. They drive around the United States in a huge bus to help each other accomplish the things on their list, and then be able to cross them off. Every time they cross an item of their list, they find a stranger on the street and help the person cross something off their own bucket list.

It’s an incredible, courageous journey that they’re taking, and it makes me think: what would I want to do before I die? Think about it, we all go through our day-to-day motions, and some of us forget to live each day to the fullest. We say we’re too busy going to work, doing the dishes, or driving the kids to soccer practice.  Sometimes we have to be a little selfish to really do what we want to do. We have to live life for ourselves, not for our parents, teachers, spouses, or children. When we’re too old to accomplish what is on our bucket list, we’ll be the ones with regrets, not them.

I make it a point to watch this show each and every single week. Each and every single week these guys amaze me and I grow to admire them with each upcoming episode. They go all out, and they live in the moment. So many of us forget what that is like. I know I do, but I’m tired of going through the motions of my daily activities without any excitement, or any feeling of accomplishment. I need to start living my life to the fullest, starting with the little things.

We as a society need to stop worrying about what other people will have to say of what we do, and just do it. Because the truth is, people are always going to judge. Even people who say they don’t judge, they do. So we need to take a not right out the their books, and we need to start crossing things off our bucket lists. Whether it is asking out the person of our dreams, going to our dream college, or playing basketball with president Obama, we need to start living our lives now. The present is the only time that is promised. Who knows what will happen, in ten years, two years, or even tomorrow. People change everyday but chances are, their unfulfilled dreams stay the same. These dreams just rot into regret, and it turns into the same old, “could have should have would have,” or “if I had know then what I know now then I would have done it.”

It’s time we take a stand for what really means to us now, and not worry about what’s going to mean to us tomorrow. We need to stop being so afraid of rejection. The truth is, even if we get rejected, it’s better than not trying at all. In my eyes, and the eyes of the guys from “The Buried Life,” the only way to fail, is to not try at all. So go out there, and make a move, before it becomes too late.


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