Thank you snow patrol!


Staff Writer

Spring semester 2010 has been a challenge for all who work or attend classes at CC
C, but nowhere has it been more challenging than for the ten men and women of Facilities and Grounds.

It all began back on January 25 with a torrential rain and windstorm.  Then came four major snowstorms in February.  The miles of roads, parking lots, and sidewalks had to be cleared of tons of snow.  Once snow free, the roads were treated with chemicals and the sidewalks received calcium. With each new storm, snow had to be shifted to make way for the new piles of snow.

Each day, the crew had to shovel away any new accumulated snow and ice and retreat the surfaces.  They cleared snow from flat roofs and repaired leaks; cleared gutters and drains for access by melting snow; and picked up broken tree limbs. The custodial staff was also busy keeping hallways dry and placing yellow caution signs to prevent falls.  All this was done in addition to their regular 40-hour workweek.  In all, over 970 hours have been spent keeping our campus clean and safe.

This student appreciates all your hard work and dedication.  If you feel the same way, stop and say “thank you.” You can also help the staff by not abandoning your vehicles in the parking lots once it begins to snow. It makes plowing difficult and it will be days before anyone can dig your vehicle out.


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