Spring break takes flight


Staff Writer

Starting on March 15, students at Cumberland County College will be taking advantage of a time away from exams, quizzes and assignments due to the weeklong spring break. However, not all students will be spending their time the same way or in the same place.
The typical college spring break usually consists of a trip to a warm, coastal area. Some students like to use this time off from school for a legitimate vacation and this is an opportunity to do so. The most popular spring break location is Cancun, Mexico. Other popular destinations include Punta Cana, located south of Cancun, the Rivera Maya, located on the eastern portion of the Yucatan Peninsula, and Florida.
To take the challenge of planning a vacation away from college students, travel agencies offer customer specific spring break packages. Most travel agencies offer their packages by specific dates. From the dates given, the package is based on availability. Packages usually include air, transportation to and from the airport, accommodations, and sometimes meals.
Packages are tailored to a person’s needs, so a student can build their own spring break based on how many days they wish to be away or what they can afford. A cheap basic price for a package is about 850 dollars, but can range to over 1000 dollars depending on location, length of a trip and the luxuriousness of it.
Two travel agencies around the area are Liberty Travel and the travel department of Boscov’s. Both travel agencies are located in the Cumberland Mall and plan spring break trips.
It’s no surprise that most college students have financial concerns keeping them from making extravagant plans. Between student loans, gas money and the high cost of living, not all students can afford to travel on spring break.
Even if cost isn’t the issue, some people are planning on spending their time off in a different way.
“I was hoping to catch up with my friends that went away to college and also I really want to find something fun to do, like an overnight stay somewhere, just to have fun,” said CCC student, Courtney Pastirko.
Staying home, relaxing and catching up with friends and family are popular plans over spring break. Staying home doesn’t always seem like the most unique and exciting plan, but it proves to be calming mid-semester.
An overnight stay allows a small vacation inside another. It’s just enough time for some breathing space from everyday life, and gives students the opportunity to experience a new place. Because of the convenient location of Cumberland County, there is an abundance of areas to visit nearby such as Atlantic City, the Poconos, Philadelphia and New York City.
For some spring break will be the start of a new chapter of education.
“I will be taking my nursing entrance exam,” said nursing student Ashley Fanelli.
It’s safe to say that whatever plans are in each student’s agendas, they will vary greatly, and the time off will be enjoyed. Spring Break begins March 15 and ends the 20.


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