Mother Earth needs your help


Staff Writer

The world is undergoing great changes in our environment due to the deteriorating ozone layer surrounding our atmosphere. Recycling plays a major role in this defeat. Though the world is in danger, not one person is to be blamed; all of mankind is at fault.  Each and every one of us must do what is in our power to rescue themselves, from the destruction of the effects of global warming.  Everyone’s contribution is needed to initiate change.  If you make the effort to change your lifestyle your will be taking a step toward saving the entire population!

The college does provide recycling containers, but they are not always use utilized.  There are two recycling containers in each hallway of every building; one is for plastic and aluminum, and the other is for paper. There is also another receptacle right beside them, for all other discarded trash. In each classroom there are two receptacles, one for paper and the other for all other discarded materials.

I often wonder, why it is that so many people throw their recyclables in the trash cans instead of the designated recycle containers outside of the classroom, just right down the hall?  I cannot believe that in this day and age people are still too lazy to take the initiative to walk the extra steps to discard their plastic and aluminum in the proper receptacle.  The plastic and aluminum bins are located in the hallway, just outside of the classrooms. Instead, people mix the recyclables in with all the other trash.  From this point, the trash does not get separated in order for designated items to be recycled. Who has time to sort through the trash?  Maintenance does not have the man- power to employ this position.  As a result, energy and time are wasted because some people do not yet understand the urgency of this matter.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, “In the year 2000, the EPA confirms a link between global warming and waste, showing that reducing our garbage and recycling, cut greenhouse gas emissions.”

The NRDC also reported that, “More than sixty percent of household waste in the US is recyclable or compostable.  In the year 2005 alone, two billion tons of plastic bottles in the US ended up in the trash instead of in recycling bins.”

Pleading ignorance to the world’s recycling problem causes a major issue where recycling and our environment are concerned.  So much waste is being mixed together, posing the problem for reproducing products and ultimately saving energy.  There is so little effort being put in to recycling.  Nearly half of the population in the country report that they do not recycle and have no problem admitting it!  We as a human race, and all living things for that matter, are at risk of dying due to the effects of our deteriorating ozone layer.   There are so many guilty patrons among us, not only at the college, but in our surroundings, and maybe even among our own friends and family.  It is not too late to infect as many people around you as possible with the facts about recycling crisis at hand.

According to, “Recycling saves natural resources, landfill space, and energy, for example; recycling aluminum saves 95% of the energy needed to produce new aluminum from raw materials.”

It is our duty and responsibility to the planet and to future generations to do what is in our power to fight for the revival of our mother Earth.  It is not too late to turn the Earth around.  One person can make a difference.


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