Goodbye winter; hello spring concert


Staff Writer

While the dreary months of winter keep our noses cold, the music department is warming up to present their annual Spring Concert. The Student Recital Showcase will be presented on Friday, May 7 at seven pm. The showcase consists of all Applied Music majors, and the recital is part of their grade.
Dean Piccone is in charge of the Student Recital Showcase, Joe Akinskas commands the Jazz Band and Wind Symphony, Laura Canna is in charge of the College Chorus, and Sheila Lowe is in charge of the Gospel Choir.
It is expected that this year’s show will consist of two or three soloists. Prior to the Student Recital, the College Band will perform on Sunday, May 3 from three to five p.m. This portion of the program is “made up of students and community members,” according to Dean Piccone.
Piccone added, “It is wide open to all groups…anyone can join as a community member.” The performances consist of the College Choir, Gospel Choir, Jazz Band, and Wind Symphony. The College Choir will offer music in the folk and standard choral form while the Jazz Band, a.k.a. Big Band, consists of nineteen instruments with some vocals. Each ensemble performs for about a half hour and the program usually lasts about two hours.
Tickets are free, and they are required for admittance. It is on a first come first serve basis, but tickets are available at the box office in advance. According to Dean Piccone, the performances are presented at no cost as their way of “giving back to the community.”
The concert is free to everyone, and the College has been participating for the past two and half years with great recognition. The Jazz Band and Wind Symphony segments participate in a summer program, and perform on the Ocean City Board Walk and also in Cape May.
Although at the present time a club has not been formed for Music Majors, Dean Piccone says they are working towards forming one. Currently, they are performing by participating in Music on the Mall, which is a “mini concert” held every first Friday of the month at the Cumberland County Mall in Vineland as a one-ensemble course.


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