Do you believe in ghosts?


Staff Writer

Have you ever had an experience with the supernatural?  Have you ever thought you saw something move or hear someone call your name that wasn’t there?  Have you ever been awaken by the unfamiliar smell of perfume or coffee brewing at three a.m.?  Perhaps you have been touched without an explanation.  Is there really such a thing as ghosts?

These questions have been debated over for years.  Skeptics will argue and always find a rational answer.  Believers, however, are committed to their stories and will not back down to any skeptic.  So which is it, do ghosts exit or not?

Personally, I am a believer.  I have had personal experiences with the supernatural since the age of eight.  Although, I prefer not to fully disclose my experiences, I do want to express my opinion and state “yes, I do believe ghosts exist.”  I will provide a generally broad account of my experiences, such as, I have seen, heard, and felt things that were definitely paranormal.  My greatest experiences occurred after the death of my husband’s stepfather and my grandparents.  Now with that said, my brother is the biggest skeptic. That is until he spent a week at my home house-sitting for me.

My brother went from a skeptic to an instant believer.  He was so afraid that he slept with every light on in my home including the outside lights.  My neighbor said my property looked like Area 51 and my electric bill was crazy that month thanks to him.  After his first night, he called me and was panic-stricken with fear.  He asked, ” What is up with your house?”

When I questioned him further, he said he felt a presence constantly with him and especially standing over him while he slept.  Then at one point, he felt the breeze of a person walk past and brush him.  He was totally frightened and told me under no circumstances would he ever again stay at my house with or without anyone with him.  Of course, I laughed at him because he made fun of me for years for believing in ghosts, and now he’s part of my club.

The house I live in was built by my grandparents and my father grew up in it.  Although neither of them died in the home, I believe it is their presence that is still with us.  Because I have had an extensive past with the paranormal, I do not fear what is in my home.  I do not believe it is harmful, and it’s been my experience to not feed into the hysteria.  I am in control, but once in a while they do like to come out and play.


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