Division News: What’s going on in CCC’s academic divisions

By Diana Russell

Staff Writer

The wind symphony performs at Music on the Mall on March 5, 2010.

There are three very active academic divisions at Cumberland County College.  They are Arts and Humanities; Business, Education and Social Science; and Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Health (STEM).

James Piccone, Dean of Arts and Humanities, reports that the arts and music departments recently collaborated for a show at Bains in Vineland.  A student art show was on exhibit and various ensembles played.  The musical programs will continue after the art show ends.

The music department also has performances at Cumberland Mall on the first Friday of each month.  Music on the Mall is a community outreach program that includes the college’s Gospel Choir, Jazz Ensemble and Windy Symphony.

“As part of our mission statement, we are expanding what the college does for the community and to meet student and community needs,” said Piccone. We want to reach out, connect better, and serve the community.” Guys and Dolls will be performed in April in the Luciano Theatre, and Professor McGarvey will host a Poetry Day on May 1.

Clay College received grants to enhance their ceramic program and is expanding their art appreciation courses.  It is an opportunity for students to get off campus and experience the downtown Millville Arts District.

The division continues to review options for less expensive textbooks.  This has already been done for music appreciation and history. As the college continues to grow and space for classrooms is hard to find, they are pushing for more hybrid and online classes.  They are also looking into AA degrees in history, English literature and foreign language. For staff news, Dean Piccone announced that Professor John Lore attained tenure.

Dr. Charles Kocher, Dean of the Business, Education and Social Science Division, reports that the Social Science Department has been pretty active.  Professor Phillips has moved Unity Day into Unity Week with all departments participating.

The Business Department has formed a new club and added a new course in hospitality. The 13 students recently visited the new Millville Motorsports Park.  The department hopes to expand hospitality into a certification and eventually a degree. Another course has been added in sports. They also welcome Professor Charles LaPalme who joined the staff in September.

Justice Studies has an auction scheduled for April 16 in the Luciano Center to raise money for four $500 scholarships.  They also have a symposium on Gang Awareness March 31 with guest speaker David Schratweiser from Channel 29.  Sue Perry is bringing back criminal justice alumni to talk to current students about the next stage of their careers. Internships are available at Fairton State Prison and with the 3rd District Legislative Offices.

The division is increasing online courses, which have doubled since last year.  Currently professors teach one traditional classroom course and one online course.  There is even a professor who teaches from New Hampshire.  The goal is to work with the college to put five new certificate and degree programs online each year. Dr. Kocher is working with military personnel who wish to continue their education even while serving overseas by offering a reduced rate for online classes as a way of saying thank you.

“The division has a very rewarding relationship with Millville, Bridgeton and Vineland high schools,” said Kocher. “We offer duel credit programs that allow high school students to earn college credits before they attend here.  We also work closely with Wilmington and Fairleigh Dickinson Universities,” reports Kocher.

Mary Ann Westerfield, Dean of STEM, reports that Michael Adams, from the Engineering Department, is working closely with the area high schools regarding Green Energy.  The department is also in the process of developing a Professional Learning Community for sustainable energy.

Health Sciences is continuing the extension of the CBJT Healthcare Grant.

Alice Myers M.S.N., R.N., Director of Nursing, introduced the New Jersey Board of Nursing approved Practical Nursing Program in 2009.  It is one of the few college level Practical Nursing programs in New Jersey. Students earn an academic certificate as well as 34 transferable college credits towards an RN completion program. The program uses online course materials and testing, a simulation laboratory, and hands-on patient care experience.

Deborah Flaherty and Carole Grusemeyer received tenure.  Olethea Jones was recently married, and Dr. Mark Randa is expecting his second child.


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