CCC Faculty Recognized

Over a two to three week period of time, Student Senate members nominate individuals who exemplify the following characteristics: the teacher must be stimulating and challenging in the classroom; accessible to students outside the classroom; provide assistance for students in and out of the classroom; support and participate in extra and co-curricular activities; and facilitate student growth and development.  Nominations can also come from the student body.  Once the candidates are selected, the Student Senate members vote, and the top three to five

finalists are placed on a ballot for enrolled students to vote on.  The ballot box is usually located in the Student Center.

All current full time teaching faculty members and adjuncts, who have taught six credit hours, are eligible for nomination.

Professor Karrol Jordan was awarded Professor of the Year in 2009. She was deeply honored and overwhelmed to receive such a distinct privilege.

“The competition was so heavy.  I was floored, said Jordan.  “This was the students’ choice: to think enough of me to give me this honor.”

In addition to Professor of the Year, a subcommittee of the Student Development Council selects an Advisor of the Year.  The award was initiated by Dr. Steven Stolar in 1995, when he personally selected Dr. C. Fredrick Horbach.

“He was my advisor when I was a student here,” said Stolar. “He was aI was a student here,” said Stolar. “He was a great guy with good demeanors.”

A memorandum is sent out in April by Dr. Stolar inviting all college personnel and members of Student Senate to nominate an advisor.  A list of fifteen qualities is provided along with a request for evidence such as testimonies, statistics, and student outcomes.

According to Stolar, “the award is a way to impress upon staff and remind them of the important role advising plays in their relationship with students. They need to be available to their students and get to know them.”

There have been fourteen advisors honored since 1995 including Dr. Lynn Lichtenberger, Director of Education Programs, who won in 2009.  She had heard about the nomination, but did not really understand how the process worked so she put it out of her mind.  At the President’s Award Ceremony she was amazed to hear the heavy competition for the award.

“I was astounded and dumbfounded when they called my name.  I was not prepared,” said Litchtenberger.

She felt very emotional and teary.

“Sitting on stage and carrying the flag at graduation was my actual reward,” she said smiling.

To suggest a nomination for either Professor of the Year or Advisor of the Year, contact Derek Smith, President of Student Senate, at


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